Below are some examples of short-form editing work I created to showcase recent events with Penguin, Penguin Classics and Literacy UK.
Below is a show that myself and the team at Puffin produced for #EmpathyDay.
My main pieces are the sections: 1:33-4:11, 8:27-12:46, 27:29-28:34.
I also edit live events for various teams at PRH. Here are some examples. The first being #ThisIsShakespeare with Emma Smith (Author) and actors Michael Pennington, Natascha McElhone, Jonathan Forbes.
Across Spring-Summer 2019, I worked alongside Kezia Newson, Jessica Daughters and Sarah Shaffi to produce a informational website for Penguin Random House. The purpose of the piece was to educate potential future writers on the publishing process and give support and advice.
The videos I produced were embedded within the website and can be seen here:

Here is one example:
I also currently edit long-form videos/documentaries with numerous authors and illustrators at Penguin Random House. Often specialising in Q/A formats, with readings or showings of work.
Here are some other projects at Penguin Random House that I've been a part of or edited to completion:
In 2018, I was a freelance video editor and general production assistant at StageClip LTD. I generated sample clips for clients worldwide, including the majority of the content in the video below.
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